Project 2: The French 44, Numero Dos: The Revenge!

(Recently changed to the French 45, cuz some idiots apparently forgot to include soufflé in the mix)

msb_05_tarttatine_xlBecause Revenge is Sweet, and I have a whole list of French desserts I wanna get to! Following the same Buzzfeed article that my first Project is based off of, I want to now continue its full experience by attempting my own version of each of these classic pastries.

Unlike the original French 44, though, this adventure will be set at a more leisurely pace. Opposite the Week by Week requirement of the savory dishes, the sweet end will only be tackled here and there, mostly on the occasions that I end up making aenhanced-buzz-29611-1389638701-2 dessert (each of which I’ll do my best to ensure a new recipe from this list takes First Priority). Following that, my posts on the topic will also be a bit more casual, not as in depth and detailed; though still more orderly than the recipes in my other blog’s Street Food Corner.

The basic outline for each will then go as such:

The Sweet

Again a basic description, maybe some history and whatever rambles I may have on the dessert in question.

Chef’s Overdramatic Self-Centered Lecture Corner

Very similar to the “A Word On” section in previous project, but with less emphasis on detailing individual ingredients and methods and more on just generally going over certain things of note before the recipe. This is basically where I get all my Sidetracking done and out of the way while also going over possible issues with ingredients, cooking temps, home techniques, etc. And all hopefully in a not-so-long format, cuz then otherwise what’s the point in making it different that “A Word On”?chocolate_clairs_03600_16x9


Goin’ over it, step by step, with pictures!

My Thoughtscaneles

How I, and possibly other people eating with me, enjoyed the final product, and any other things I’d like to add after the fact.

Possible Pairings

Unlike the original project, where I am determined to make one ACTUAL pairing of Food and Drink with each post, with every single meal accompanied by an actual bottle of alcohol I’ve purchased, the desserts will be forced to Stand Alone. Buying decent enough quality Wine and Beer and Cider every week racks up enough of a side bill let alone trying to get Dessert/Fortified Wines and Liqueurs, which are pricey no matter the damn quality point you go in for.

That said, I can still talk about good directions to go towards, make a little list of imbibements one could go off of for future purchases. Maybe even sometimes I’ll talk about other KINDS of pairing, like with Cigars, Other Food, or even Activities (don’t hold me to it though, it’s just a possibility). And hey, maybe once in a while I’ll happen to have a bottle of something I can detail and take a picture of the food with.far1minni

                And that’s it! A second Journey started, and just in time for Valentine’s Day Weekend! No idea how long this one will last, but it’ll be sure to end up with some fun products.