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Watermelon cooler

This blog is all about Journeys; in particular the various culinary projects and adventures which I shall soon be taking part in. It’s a journey to find myself, a journey to explore both modern and classic food techniques, a journey in drinking delicious imbibements, a journey to delve into the local markets and butcheries. But ultimately, it’s a journey to slowly cross off all the items in my various food, drink, and cooking lists which I have, and will have, developed over time.


For about a week or so before starting this little venture, I decided to start on a little “project.” One, which I thought, would be great to share in written form such as this. Being myself, though, I know that this wouldn’t be the last project that I come up with. With the first project likely to be finished before the year end, I thought it’d be fun to make a Blog on All these little ventures, as opposed to stopping after only One.


Think of it like those people who cook every single recipe in some ginormous cookbook. Only the books are much smaller, I get to choose which versions of the recipe to make, and I just keep grabbing different books! Oh, and sometimes I take field trips to the book making factories and record them? I think that’s a good analogy…

Nonetheless, this is the start to a long and ongoing quest to better find myself through Food, and who knows what else. I hope you can join me in this experience; whether it be to learn a few recipes, discover some fun and proper drink-pairing options, or just to tell me what I’m doing wrong.


I hope you Enjoy my little ramblings and stumblings through this project of mine, I know I will. Now, to finish a cup of Hot Cocoa and look over a list of interesting seafood…

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