About Author

I’m a Foodie. I’m a Wino. A Burgeoning Beer Geek and a Sucker for Sweets. I Crave a Quality Crafted Cocktail while stuffing my face with Salty Snacks. I Delight in At-Home Dining while Sipping on Sake. I Wonder at the fine techniques of Modern Chefs, and Feast Whole-Heartedly at the Humble Simplicity of Old, Classic Traditions. Safe be it to say I love food, drinking, cooking, crafting, tasting, enjoying, and every aspect of the edible world. I’ve worked it, experienced it, gone to school for it, studied it, and still I’m just a Student.


Could tell you that I love reading Urban Fantasy, watching various shows and movies about Superheroes and Sherlock Holmes, and long walks on the Beach (or, in my case, the Frozen Lakes of Minnesota). As far as this Blog is concerned, though, my interest in Food and Cooking is all that’s important isn’t it? I’d put up a list of “favorites,” but I have no idea where to even start! Suffice it to say, I enjoy cooking at home more than I ever did in a restaurant kitchen, and am glad that certain adventures in the recent years has put me back into experimenting at home.


This is the Second Blog that I’ve decided to start up. Outside of my work and studies, I also very much enjoy visiting and reviewing the various Twin Cities Food Trucks, writing about street food, and of course cooking things inspired by them. Reviews on Wheels is my starter baby, which I still look to nourish and grow, but there are still some other things I want to do.


There are many different culinary things I’ve experienced in my life, and yet so much more to see. Sadly, I’ve missed out on many opportunities through my culinary travels… it’s hard to express those things I haven’t been able to do, but I’ll try.

Despite some of the things I’ve done, food and drink I’ve consumed, never have I felt like I had the chance to… really find myself through the experience, like so many Chefs and others have done. I was never able to fully learn and study under a mentor Head Chef, or work in depth and thoroughly down the various stations in a kitchen. Despite various travels, being able to fully delve into and be influenced by various culture’s traditions directly has yet to affect me (oh how I wish I could travel to Southern Asia, or that I wasn’t so young and stupid during my high school trip to France). I’ve lived in the Twin Cities my whole life, and have been food-focused for over 5 years now, but still have no sense of our local butchers, quality markets, etc. Even my schooling never really felt like it truly hit home.

My years in school kitchens, though informative and fun, now feel just… scattered. Never did I have the chance in my first semester to dig deep and cook the classic dishes, really just sit there and focus on old school techniques. Following that, my entry into restaurant kitchens ended up pretty late, and I never felt like I was able to truly get off my feet.


So I made a decision, and here I am, making my own journey based off an article about French Classics and who knows what other “lists” I may find or make up. Whether anything really comes out of it I don’t know, but it should be a fun little ride! Not to mention I’ll be able to scavenge and find where all the good meats and produce are in the city.

I already know all the Trucks, time for me to get into the Markets, and various other places to come!

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