Project #1: French 44


               The inspiration which started it all (well, at least this blog)! It came to me late one night, staying up watching TV, when I clicked a random link to what seemed an interesting article on Buzzfeed; the first time I actually read any of their articles too. Sorta sounds like I was drunk at the time, but for some weird, ungodly reason I was completely sober… either way, back to the article.

                The Subject: 44 Classic French Dishes to eat before you die. I’m always curious with these lists, figure out which classics they choose, and as they decided to pair wines and classic desserts along with each my intrigue kept me reading. By the time I got to the end, the idea formed in my mind, and on the next day it was decided.


                Week by week, I plan to reproduce every one of those dishes, using the most Traditional, Classic, and Quality Recipes and Ingredients that I can find. I will match each classic meal with a PROPER Drink pairing (not just Wine; the article used Beer and Cider occasionally, so I have free reign with whatever I want! Muahahaha, the power!), mostly because I find most of Buzzfeed’s decisions quite…  umm, what’s a good word for appalling? They did get a few pretty spot-on though, and I’m excited to show them credit for those.

                No Dessert making/pairing though; too much damn work. If I ever make those, it’s gonna be a whole separate Project on its own.

                That said, let’s rundown the basic Outline for how each Post for this category will be setup:


The Dish

A basic detailed account of this particular dish’s regionality, a general description of what it is, and the history behind it. Not to mention the occasional possibility of me getting on my soapbox to philosophize on various things that probably don’t even matter.

A Word On…

Unlike my other blog, where I just tend to ramble back and forth through my recipes without an easy-to-read ordered steps, often without even setting a detailed list of all the ingredients and their amounts, I’ve decided to keep the actual recipe clear and properly detailed.

That said, there will still be many (in fact, probably all) recipes where I feel different ingredients, either very specialty or simply old-school, should be openly discussed. In fact, most of the ingredients I plan on using I would never, ever have used if I wasn’t trying to stay uber-traditional here for the experience. Ultimately, many of these ingredients may be difficult to find, sort of pricey, or have some other factor that may earn it a discussion.

For instance, there may be a particular cooking technique who’s effects can be arrived at in more than one way. Or I might feel that it’s acceptable to use a higher quality of mushrooms than detailed. But mostly, acknowledging different possibilities in substituting ingredients.


The Full, detailed ingredient list (amounts most likely adjusted after my experience) followed by the process. With Pictures!


The Verdict

Well I’m not gonna write up a whole post with recipe, pictures, history, and me spouting off a snobby philosophy off a single French dish without describing how it tastes now am I? Not that it’ll ever be negative, these all look damn delicious. But I think it’d be insulting, both to the readers and the food itself, not to put some expression and words to the end result, and why you at home should cook it after this.


Primary Pairing

Where I provide what I believe, through my experience and schooling in the subject (-cough- ISG Diploma-level Sommelier –cough cough-), what kind of wine/beer/etc would be a very strong pairing with this. I will of course detail as to the qualities of that product, why it actually works, where you can get different kinds and/or similar “substitutes.” This will of course be a SOMEWHAT generic title, though not near as generic as “Red Bordeaux,” since I’ll be following it anyways with:

My Bottle: the specific drink, based on the primary pairing, that I’ll be enjoying at the time. This is not to be taken as THE bottle of wine one should drink with the food, but as a fun option I was able to find in my local wineries and how it expresses the ideal I’ve just listed.

Secondary Pairing

The thing is, I just hate the idea of only listing one set thing to pair with a food dish. The world of wine alone is huge enough and so complex, there are so many “proper pairings” one can make with different regions throughout the world. And that’s just wine, let alone considering beer and cider and sake and cocktails along with all of this.

So I want to at least offer one other Option, from a completely different category than the Primary (I will never have two wines, two beers, etc for a dish), that one can consider. I will not be buying a bottle of this option to thus enjoy alongside the dish (most of the time, one never knows).


                And that’ll be it. Some random conclusion to round things off, maybe discuss my next venture or just offer an awkward way to trail off into completion. Sorta like this…

                Thank you for reading through this, and for starting the embarking on the first of what I hope to be many journeys along with me. I can’t wait to fully get into my stride and show you some fun, tasty things!

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